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Four Great Times to Ask for Referrals

Let's talk about business referrals for banking professionals. They are the lifeblood of your business. You know you need them and hopefully you're good enough to deserve them.

But you don't ask for them!

One of the four main reasons is you're not entirely sure of the best and worst times to ask. There are critical moments of truth when you have a 'green light' to 'go for it!'

When you're building your banking business by referral, you can undo all of your great positioning and relationship building work by asking at the wrong time. So here are four of my favourite, really good, safe times to ask:

1. After You've Given Them a Lead or Referral. Be constantly thinking about what kind of introductions they want. Ask who would make a good customer, client or introduction for them. When you can pass business their way, you obligate them subconsciously into reciprocating.

2. When They Have Been Particularly Demanding. If they have been over the top, make sure you leave them under no illusions that you're putting yourself out. You can do this in a nice and professional way, as long as you do it. And it's a great time to ask for something in return.

3. After They've Moved the Goal Posts. When they change their minds, change criteria, change deals or change moods, you are in a good position to ask for something in return. They may well be feeling a little sheepish or bad for messing you around or making those changes. It gives you the leverage to ask.

4. After a Meeting. Sometimes, as you are packing up your things after a good meeting, drop in a simple 'By the way, I was meaning to ask you about a business development issue I've got. You've got a pretty good network. Who do you know who might ...?'

I've done a 97 page Special Report or ebook which goes into more detail about how banking professionals, relationship managers and commercial managers can win more business by referral. It's £47, but you can get it for free here>>

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